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Commercial Pressure Washing

From your storefront to the dumpster pad- We have the experience to keep your business looking new and fresh for potential customers! With our cleaning services were able to deep clean your business’s exterior before your first customer arrives. We can set up a one-time cleaning or a regular routine cleaning schedule to meet your needs and budget. Contact us today at 828-331-8118 for your free estimate.

Pressure washing, also called power washing

It is a process in which water is propelled at high speeds to clean surfaces. This process has a scouring effect that helps to remove rust, mold, mildew, dirt and built up debris. WNC Pressure Washing are the pros that offers premier pressure washing in the WNC area to restore the look of your home or business.

commercial pressure washing
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What we can clean

  • Gas Station Cleaning – We can keep pumps, pads, and canopies looking great!
  • Bank Drive-Through Cleaning – Quarterly cleaning of oil spills, removal of webs & insects and equipment wipe down.
  • Restaurant Drive-Through Cleaning – Monthly serving of concrete area, side-walls at cashier, walkways, dumpster pad, and wipe-down of equipment and signage.
  • Dumpster pad & trash chute cleaning – we can keep your trash bins clean!
  • Warehouse interior cleaning – we can gently wash the interior of your warehouse to remove dust, dirty and webs
  • High Dusting – Our expert crews can wipe away years of dust, grime and grease from the high areas of your establishment.
  • Shopping centers and malls – We have the crews and expertise to clean these very public spaces, providing excellent results while keeping tenants happy and pedestrians safe!
  • Cooler & Freezer Cleaning – Our Sirocco Recovery equipment allow us to clean your grocery store or restaurant cooler without leaving water puddles! You are left with a clean, sanitized and safe cooler!

Service options

There are many “power washing” companies in the Asheville area that go out to your property during busy business hours and spray the concrete, then come up with reasons why there are no results. We are not one of these companies! We take tremendous pride in our profession and will do everything we can to exceed our customer’s expectations. Commercial pressure washing is our passion and we want to make your property look its best.

commercial pressure washing

When it come to hiring a commercial pressure washing company one thing to remember is that not all companies are the same. Some pressure washing companies only do residential while others have the ability to clean both residential and commercial properties. While others will says they have cleaned commercial properties but come to find out they do not have the proper insurance, have not been OSHA certified nor the proper safety equipment to keep everyone around the work area safe. There are many  surfaces that we have seen and cleaned over the years. Large condo, apartment buildings, sidewalks, parking lots, dumpster pads, drive-thru lanes, retail storefronts. We can remove oil stains, fertilizer rust stain, Golf cart battery stains, bubble bum and more.

WNC Pressure Washing has the knowledge, equipment, and experience to exceed your expectations when it come to commercial pressure washing.

commercial pressure washing


People are drawn to businesses with a clean image and a clean entrance creates a great first impression before a customer even enters a building. A clean sidewalk is inviting, whereas a rust stained and filthy sidewalk or entryway deters your future customers. Also, individuals are more likely to treat a clean environment with more respect than a dirty one – if an area is free of trash, stains, and debris, a visitor or employee is more apt to keep it that way. Call the highest rated commercial pressure washing company in Asheville, NC

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Routine Maintenance Packages

The key to keeping your customers coming back and having your business looking the best at all times is by being proactive in pressure washing your property.  By enrolling in one of our routine cleaning packages we can keep your profits rising. We offer bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and semi-annually cleaning packages that are built around your budget and needs. 

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The pricing structure we use for commercial pressure washing  is based on service requested and scope of work. The total square feet, level of service desired and the frequency you need your business cleaned, all play into the price. While our price might not be the lowest, we can guarantee that no one in the Asheville area can match our results and level of professional for the price we quote. Our prices are competitive but our results are industry leading! We are OSHA 1910 certified.

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Areas we service


Can you remove graffiti?

Yes we are the areas leading graffiti removal company. We have years of experience and our product is 100% eviromentally safe.

Do you carry the proper insure and workman comp?

Yes, we carry a policy the has coverage unto 2 million dollars. We have workman comp and drug test every employee. Everyone working for WNC Pressure Washing has been background checked.

Should I pressure wash my awning?

Always refer to the owners manual but we have never seen where pressure washing is approved. We use a soft washing process to remove the mold and mildew from the awning.

Our business is dryvit stucco can that be pressure washed?

No never pressure wash stucco. The pressure from the pressure washer will chip off sections of the stucco. We have a special soft washing procedure that won't damage the stucco dryvit.

Do you offer routine maintenance packages?

Yes we offer many types to fit your companies budget and plans.