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EPA Compliant Gas Station Cleaning

WNC Pressure Washing is the only pressure washing company in Western North Carolina that incorporates the Sirocco Vacuum recovery system to retain all waste water and carry off site. Additionally, WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning is certified in “Wash Water Reclaim” to comply with EPA regulations.

Customers and Safety

Not only are clean service stations important to customers, clean facilities are paramount to public safety! 


We keep your gas station in compliant with state and federal law. 

Gas station pressure washing

Gas Station Pressure Washing

 Oil, diesel and gas spills can make for a slick and dangerous surface for your customers and employees. WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning offers service station maintenance to keep your gas station looking clean and safe. We use  a commercial hot water pressure washers and professional detergents to remove the petroleum based spills to make your concrete surfaces safe for customers. 

We not only keep your station free from oil and petroleum build-up and slip free, we also clean canopies to remove algae, mildew and diesel exhaust. Trash receptacle cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning and storefront cleanings are additional services WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning can provide to keep your gas station looking new and fresh!

Gas Station pressure washing
Gas station pressure washing

Gas Station Pressure Washing

Pressure washing gas stations is often done at night time hours, when the flow of people slows down. One of the biggest priorities is getting in and out fast. When fuel pumps are blocked off, the establishment is loosing money. A good practice is to only close one pump at a time and as soon as one area is finished, re open the pump. This keeps the majority of the fuel pumps open and ready for customer use. Signage, cones and barriers are also helpful to establish boundaries that the facilities customers should not cross. This keeps them out of harms way and allows the entire process to move more efficiently with less down time.

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