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Oil stain removal

Have you ever seen the video on youtube about oil stain removal? Did they work? Well, if not you have a few choices when you need to pressure wash the oil stained concrete. One is to hire a professional pressure washer company the other is to spend your valuable free time trying to remove the stain. If you like to try some recipes we found click HERE

Need an oil stain removal company?

Many people ask how can I get rid of motor oil stains from my driveway? The answer is easy....Call the experts. Then sit back and relax while we do the work. We offer eco-friendly oils spill clean up. No one in the area has our EPA compliant waste water recovery systems. Free estimates at 828-331-8118

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Do you have an oil spill on the driveway or sidewalk

We are the only company that offers an environmentally friendly way to clean up oil spill. If you have a large or small oil spill we can help with our waste water reclaim system. With our reclaim system we can separate the oil and water then take the oil to a waste facility to dump the used oil.


Concrete is hard but porous

Concrete is a dense surface but water and many other liquids can and do soak into the surface. A fresh oil stain will be a breeze to remove if you act quickly. In most cases you can get dish soap, warm and a nylon scrub brush to remove the fresh oil stain. The older oil stains in your driveway may be a far greater challenge. We can help. Call WNC Pressure Washing for a free estimate on oil stain removal.

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Be careful

Muriatic acid, more commonly referred to as hydrochloric acid, is a poisonous and highly corrosive hydrogen chloride solution that is widely used in industrial settings. Some people will use muriatic acid to remove oil stain from concrete. While it will get the job done, at what cost?

Harmful effects are experienced through several routes of exposure to muriatic acid, including inhalation, ingestion, and skin or eye contact. Ingesting or inhaling muriatic acid may be fatal.

We do not use such harsh unfriendly dangerous chemicals. Our process is an environmentally friendly process that will remove the oil stain

without harm to the environment. We use a Biodegradable, non-flammable formula that hits hard and fast with less impact on the user and environment.  We found a water based product that really works! It is a multi-purpose liquid concentrate that literally breaks down the molecular bonds which holds oils together. This effective and versatile cleaner is utilized as an industrial strength degreaser as well as an effective, multi-use all purpose cleaner. Whether you are removing old accumulated food grease in Kitchen Hoods, oil and grease buildup on concrete. Call now for a free estimate on oil removal. 

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Oil stains on your concrete or the property’s garage floor can be a slip hazard plus diminish the curb appeal of the house. If your selling your home or property then this could very well reduce the valve of your home. It is very important that you remove the oil stain as quickly as possible to prevent the oil from seeping deeper into the concrete surface. If possible lay down an absorbent like kitty litter or powdered laundry detergent mixed into a paste seems to work well if you spread it over the stain, let it sit for awhile, then scrub with a broom and rinse. We are more that happy to provide a free estimate give us a call. 

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