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Plant and Property Protection

Inexperience Can Be Expensive

A contractor who is just getting into exterior cleaning or only offers pressure washing services seasonally (when their work slows down) may not have the equipment or experience necessary to safely wash a home. This could result in them causing some serious damage. We are trained and have certifications for plant and property protection Here are some of the most common damages casused when a homeowner hires the wrong person for the job:

We are proud to have taken the plant and property protection certification class from Spray Wash Academy

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Plant and Property protection certification.

plant and property protection

Having the exterior of your home cleaned annually is a great way to increase the curb appeal. However, if you hire someone without the correct equipment and experience to wash your home, it could easily cost you thousands in damages.

We’re the experts in soft washing. Don’t risk going with an untrained contractor that could cause very expensive damage to your home –contact us and we’ll deliver an incredible result.

Plant and Property protection

Covering electrical outlet

Water causes an interruption that makes the outlet quit working, but the wires connected to the outlet may carry a live electrical current. The live current poses both an electrocution hazard and a fire risk. To minimize risks, we cover all electrical outlets to prevent shortages. You will notice most companies won’t do this

plant and property protection

Be careful with electrical outlets and water

Part of our plant and property protection class teaches us about electricity shortages. If an exterior GFCI outlet is sprayed directly with a power washer or detergents, it could easily catch fire. While a professional knows to never spray these outlets directly and to protect them from excessive water run off, someone without the correct experience could literally burn down a house with water.

It’s also important to NEVER spray power lines, cable boxes or anything else electrical directly. These items should be cleaned around with extreme caution. We have been OSHA 1910 certified.

plant and property protection
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We alwaysthe flowers and bushes

We saturate all of the plants and grass around the house with water to protect them from our soft washing mix.

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Electrical protection

Remember, electricity travels through the use of a conductor (Water makes a great conductor). Imagine this… you hire a soft washing company to wash your house and the company doesn’t cover your outlets and gets water all over the outside of your home. Then that water drips into an outlet that has a broken cover. That water could cause a fire.

When your outside outlet’s wiring is exposed it can compromise the function of the GFCI outlet. When the outlet is exposed to the elements, it can cause the breaker to malfunction, leaving the outlet live and exposed to rain, snow, water etc. depending on the elements and the time exposed, the outlet can catch fire.

KOI pond protection

Soft washing detergents and fish do not mix well. So, what can be done. First, we cover the Koi ponds to protect from any over spray. We check the PH level before, during and after to ensure a safe level. If possible we can relocate the fish. When a house has a gutter system that discharges into a Koi pond, we divert the water to another area.

Why you should consider a professional

No one want to come home to this. Someone who has not been trained or doesn’t know the effects our house wash mix has on the Koi will kill your fish. We will ask if you the downspouts from the gutters goes into the KOI pond and if so we will divert the runoff so it does not enter the pond. We also keep a neutralizer on hand just in case of mishaps.

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We cover every Koi pond, keep a close eye on the PH level and divert waste water runoff from entering the pond. If you value your fish, then call the trained professionals at 828-331-8118

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