House washing protects your home

Our exterior house washing services will remove green mold, mildew and grime, as well as layers of silt and sand, from brick walls and vinyl sidings, and porches. Our soft washing system will dissolve years of caked-on dirt and grime, as well as mold and mildew.

Soft wash cleaning is perfect for all area homes and businesses, as the low pressure used during this process won’t scratch glass, dent siding, chip soft brick or loosen shingles. WNC Pressure Washing is your choice for trained, professional service to ensures your property is protected from damage and looks fresh and new. 

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Professional house washing without damage

No damage to your home like traditional pressure washing

We are proud to offer you a surface cleaning system that provides dramatic results to your North Carolina home without the damage from pressure washing and 100% mold and mildew removal. When it comes to cleaning your house, high pressure is not always the answer . A gentle softwash with the proper house wash mix can be used to give outstanding results. Sadly a lot of landscapers purchase a pressure washer without any understanding on how to properly clean your house. The tools we use are not toys, and serious property damage can occur when an untrained person attacks a house with too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture. Damaged wood, dead landscaping, all of these are issues that we see homeowners dealing with frequently…issues caused by unqualified individual. At WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning we are proud to provide quality training to every employees for plant safety ,OSHA techniques, public safety and much, much more.



We serve the following town and cities with reliable professional pressure washing services.

Asheville, NC Black Mountain, NC

Sylva, NC Canton, NC Waynesville, NC 

House Washing Black Mountain, NC

We are soft washing a house in Black Mountain, NC. Instead of forcefully removing the mold, mildew and grime from this home,  we are soft washing this home using very low water pressure with  our house wash that's specifically formulated to wash and clean.

The Soft Wash approach allows us to safely and effectively get this and your home sparkling clean. Our process will eliminate the chances of having torn window screens, chipped paint, damaged siding and other damages from inexperienced companies.

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Local, Safe and Affordable

Welcome to the top power wash and softwash experts. We know that homeowners and HOA managers like you need reliable, professional exterior cleaning services for your home or property by experts-not amateurs. Whether it's pressure washing, softwashing, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, house wash, window cleaning our award winning company will deliver to you professional service. We take soft washing very seriously. Our expertise at soft wash cleaning allows us to make educated recommendations to you, our customer.! Our goal is always to save you money and provide you the best and lasting results.

Soft washing in Leicester, NC

Soft washing a dirty house in Leicester NC. We brought back a house the customer figured was to far gone. Check out what we were able to accomplish. If you like to get the same results call us at 828-331-8118

Soft washing wood siding

We can make your dull and nasty wood siding look beautiful. We can make it look outstanding and something you would be proud to invite friends and family over for a summer BBQ.

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Soft Washing Hendersonville

Soft Washing in Hendersonville, NC

Soft Washing Bryson City, NC

Soft Washing in Bryson City, NC

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