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We are a contributing member of the UAMCC. The United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners is a nationwide network of cleaning contractors that embraces power washing and soft washing while making sure we are insured and in compliance with all state and federal laws. If you are a looking for a company that strives for great success, then call a company who takes there trade seriously. Unfortunately, some companies will copy and paste a picture showing they are members but if if doesn't look like the badge we have below with our name, then they are not an honest company. Click here to find your local member.

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Your house is likely one of the biggest investments most people will make. In the Asheville area where mold and mildew are a constant issue, regular exterior soft washing cleaning can help to prolong the life of your investment. Mildew, algae, and other biological growths can attack surfaces and shorten the lifespan of paint, wood, vinyl and other finishes. In fact, most paint manufactures such and Sherwin Williams, Porter Paint, and Behr recommend regular exterior cleanings to help extend the life of their coatings.

Soft washing kills the mold and mildew unlike pressure washing

High pressure is not the answer when it comes to cleaning your siding. A gentle softwash with the proper chemical mixture can be used to give optimal results. Cleaning is NEVER a “one size fits all” proposition. At each property we custom blend the solution that is appropriate for the surfaces we are cleaning.

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Curb appeal, quality, and long-term benefits… 

We’re proud to make your home look like new again, and we always bring the best to your property.

What is Soft Washing & Why Is It Important?

We trained our team exclusively to use soft washing to clean homes in Asheville and surrounding areas. Our cleaning process utilizes low-pressure equipment to deliver a cleaning solution, specially blended to meet the demands of each project.

Soft washing differs from traditional pressure washing in that a cleaning solution is mixed, applied and rinsed at very low pressure. Our equipment discharges warm water and cleaners using very little force, so we can be extra-thorough in our cleaning process. Soft wash services won’t damage your delicate painted surfaces, stucco, vinyl siding, wood surfaces, and the use of low pressure is particularly important around your windows and doors.


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Soft washing Asheville

Call our friendly staff for a free estimate. We are trained in plant and landscape protection. We are located in Waynesville, NC for the last 10 years. 828-331-8118 

Our Recent Work

We show you our soft washing process

In this video we are in Hendersonville, NC 

Certified Soft washing pros at work

In this video we are in Leicester, NC

Roof Cleaning help extend the life of your roof by removing the damaging effects of mold and mildew. Our professional are trained and certified by UAMCC

Roof Cleaning Asheville, NC
Stucco cleaning Asheville, NC

Looking for professional Stucco Cleaning in Western North Carolina? We provide professional Soft Wash House Washing of all surfaces and substrates including Stucco Cleaning & All other types of masonry. Call us today for a free estimate 828-331-8118

Benefits of soft washing your vinyl siding or roof

The main benefit of the soft wash is how delicate it is.  You won’t need to worry about chipping paint or shooting asphalt off your roofing shingles because there is not enough water pressure to do so.

Avoiding damage to your property is a huge benefit to soft wash, but it’s not the only positive…

The science of soft washing has benefits that go beyond just the of cleaning your house. When detergents and/or solutions sprayed onto the surface, they break down the mildew and algae. This we know. But consider what else is being removed behind the scenes: bacteria! As the grime flys off your house, so goes with it much of the bacteria. This makes soft washing beneficial beyond just boosting curb appeal. Your house becomes healthier because of it!

Soft washing process kills the mold and mildew spores....

You may be wondering, couldn't my local pressure washing guy using a high-pressure washing method also remove the algae or mildew from a dirty surface? Wouldn’t the bacteria go with it too?

And yes, you’d be correct. Pressure washing does remove the mold and mildew from the surface, but pressure washing isn’t enough to remove the spores themselves. Using high pressure will result in a less clean surface, that needs to be washed again in short time!

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