Soft wash stucco cleaning

Stucco is a fragile siding that will damage easy. Find out why we are rated #1 in soft washing


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Soft Wash Stucco Cleaning

We specialize in stucco cleaning. At WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning we do not use pressure washing to remove mold from your fragile stucco. Sadly in the pressure washing industry there is a mentality that “More is better”, higher pressure, more chemical, more power. The tools we use can cause serious property damage to fragile stucco when an unqualified person cleans a house with too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture. Damaged wood, dead flowers and plants, all of these are issues that we see homeowners dealing with are issues caused by unqualified pressure washers. We are proud to provide quality training to our employees for plant safety, proper application techniques, public safety and much, much more. Call the professionals at 828-331-8118. Serving Asheville - Hendersonville - Waynesville, NC and surrounding areas

Stucco Cleaning Asheville

Stucco is a great alternative to your standard siding

Unfortunately, the textured surface of stucco is porous and known for accumulating road grime, mold and mildew from our environmentThis can turn a once beautiful home into a nightmare of mold streaks and mildew growth. Luckily, the our certified soft washers can remove this unappealing buildup, making your home look brand new again. 

Stucco Cleaning soft washing

Soft wash? Why not pressure wash?

Never use a pressure washer on a synthetic stucco surface. This type of finish, known as an exterior insulation finish system or EIFS, is a barrier-type system. Because it's "surface-sealed," there's no provision for routing water that has migrated to the interior of the wall system back to the outside.

So if water gets in (for example by getting forced in by a pressure washer), it can't get out and will eventually lead to rot and mildew. That's why it's we use gentle brushing and agitation instead of brute force to avoid damaging the surface and breaking through the watertight barrier. All washing and rinsing should be as gentle as possible.

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