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Stucco Cleaning

Soft wash stucco cleaning

Stucco is a fragile siding that will damage very easy. Soft washing is the only way to safely clean the delicate surfaces like a home’s exterior stucco. Pressure washing can damage stucco, vinyl, dryvit, alumimun and hardie plank. We soft wash all  stucco homes and businesses by using low pressure from a dedicated air pump to apply specialized detergents that kill mold, mildew, algae and other organic stains. 

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Delivering The Best Professional Stucco soft washing service in western North Carolina!

WNC Pressure Washing has been the top choice for removing mold from stucco in WNC. Our services are top notch and for many years we have been providing exceptional customer service.  Rest assured that our eco-friendly soft wash won’t damage the exterior of your stucco home. Our proven specialized blend of soft washing mix is able to remove grime and mold as well as the dirt on stucco.

Soft wash cleaning

We specialize in stucco cleaning. At WNC Pressure Washing, we do not use pressure washing to remove mold from your fragile stucco. Sadly in the pressure washing industry there is a mentality that “More is better”, higher pressure, more chemical, more power. The tools we use can cause serious property damage to fragile stucco when an unqualified person cleans a house with too much pressure or too strong of a chemical mixture. Damaged wood, dead flowers and plants, all of these are issues that we see homeowners dealing with are issues caused by unqualified pressure washers. We are proud to provide quality training to our employees for plant safety, proper application techniques, public safety and much, much more. Call the professionals at 828-331-8118 to learn more about stucco cleaning. Serving Asheville – Hendersonville – Waynesville, NC and surrounding area

Mold on stucco
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Soft wash? Why not pressure wash?

Never use a pressure washer for stucco cleaning on a synthetic stucco surface. This type of finish, known as an exterior insulation finish system or EIFS, is a barrier-type system. Because it’s “surface-sealed,” there’s no provision for routing water that has migrated to the interior of the wall system back to the outside.

So if water gets in (for example by getting forced in by a pressure washer), it can’t get out and will eventually lead to rot and mildew. That’s why it’s we use gentle brushing and agitation instead of brute force to avoid damaging the surface and breaking through the watertight barrier. All washing and rinsing should be as gentle as possible.

Stucco cleaning

Mold on stucco

Stucco is a gorgeous exterior for any home. The stucco coating has a value in that it lends texture to your house. That texture, while stunning, will literally get quite dirty over the years. The creases in the material that make up its intricate decoration hold onto dirt and dust that then becomes baked on by the sun. At WNC Pressure Washing we have been trained in the proper solutions for cleaning your stucco. 

When your stucco starts to acquire mold and mildew, you will need it cleaned by a trained professional to safely and effectively clean your stucco without damaging it. That is why we are the number one choice for stucco cleaning.

How do we clean stucco

When we wash stucco, we use our soft washing application system to keep the pressure low.  We would never suggest cleaning with a power washer because If its set too high, they can cause damage. That’s why we mix a custom blend of chemicals that we apply to the stucco surface, instead of relying on high pressure.

After we let the soap dwell on the surface, we rinse away the mold and mildew to reveal a clean stucco underneath.

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