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Pressure Washing Technician 

WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning is seeking hard working, motivated individuals to join our team. We service residential and commercial properties with high quality pressure washing and other exterior cleaning services. If you enjoy working outdoors and have great problem solving skills, we would love to hear from you.

What are your responsibilities ?

A pressure washing technician will be responsible for performing various pressure washing related tasks as well as equipment maintenance, vehicle maintenance, loading/unloading of equipment. Day to day operations include driving/riding company vehicles with trailers to job sites, completing necessary pressure washing tasks, making appropriate documentation of completed work and displaying above average customer service to the company’s clients.

This is a physical job that requires driving a truck with trailer (not in the beginning), having a positive attitude when engaging with customers, working odd hours, working with water and working in the hot and cold elements. Pretty much, do not apply if you can not work hard. You will get fired.

What to expect -

We are a local pressure washing company based out of Waynesville, NC.  All employees meet at a central location then drive/ride the company truck to the work site. We travel within a 60 mile radius of Waynesville. Our most common work day is soft washing homes and roofs, pressure washing wood, concrete, etc. We currently pressure wash 46 commercial properties throughout WNC some will require us to work nights a few weeks per year. Search through our website to get an idea of what we do and what you will be asked to perform on a daily basis.  

Job requirements -

1. Must not be afraid of heights.

You will be asked to climb on roofs to clean gutters and for roof cleaning. Some will be steep and high off the ground. Must be comfortable working around a lift. WNC Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning will provide all safety gear. Body harnesses, hard hats, safety vest etc.

2. Must be able to lift 60 lbs with no issues.

You will be asked to carry hoses, ladders and other physical labor associated with pressure washing. Dragging pressure washing hoses all day, sometimes up large commercial buildings is not uncommon.


3. Must be flexible. 

This job is usually performed M-F from 8am - 5pm depending on the demands of the current scheduled jobs. However, Saturday or weekend work may be required during the busy season or while working on larger commercial projects.

4. Working Weekends. 

In the peak season we work weekends almost every single weekend and you will be expected to be available on short notice. But overtime is good! However, we hardly ever work on Sunday's and strive to maintain this day as a family day and not a work day.

5, Must pass background check and drug screening.

We regularly work on properties where no one is present, given security access codes or work nights on commercial properties. For this reason you must pass a background check as required by our commercial insurance policy. You will be asked to provide your social media screen name as part of the process. 

We work in an high risk service industry. We regularly work on roofs or large commercial buildings (5 stories or more), drive large pressure washing trailers, work on and around lifts among other dangerous equipment. For this reason you must pass drug screening as required by our commercial insurance policy.

6. Must have valid driver license.    

You will be asked to drive a company vehicle, not at first but from time to time. You must also be able to meet daily at a set location.

7. Must be flexible with work hours.

Most days and hours will be from Monday to Friday 8am-6pm, But due to bad weather or some other unforeseeable issue we might be required to work weekends or some days might go longer that 6pm. A few times through out the year we work nights on commercial properties. You will have ample notice to make plans for night work.  You will be compensated but you must be flexible.

Basic Qualifications:

1. Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.

2. Dependable and Reliable vehicle

3. Back ground check on all applicants must have Clean criminal history (as we go into customers’ homes).

4. Minimum 21 years’ old.

5,Drug Test

6. No fear of Heights

7. Good customer service

Preferred Qualifications:

1. Industry related experience such as pressure washing, ladder work, roof work, sales, and customer service and hospitality industry is a plus.     But not required.

2. Experience in any of the following: Adaptability, Good Judgement, Integrity, Punctuality, and Reliability

3. Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in English.

4. Previous experience not required, but an eye for detail, ability to focus, and quality workmanship is a must.


Our technicians average between $12.00 - $20.00/ hour depending on their level of certification. We provide in house certifications.

•At the training level we anticipate that you will earn $12.00/hr if you are strong, smart and willing to give 100% effort on every job.

•Training is for the first 2 weeks no matter your experience.

•We have three levels of certification after basic training. Tech I, Tech II, and Lead Tech.


We try very hard to discuss the different aspects and requirements of this position as they apply to working with WNC Pressure Washing and roof cleaning. We endeavor to create a very positive image within the community. In addition, we try very hard to not create any surprises for employees, so we have assembled this pre-employment sheet. If you feel the following terms are acceptable and agreeable to you, and this sounds like this would be the kind of place you would be proud to be part of, we invite you to continue in the application process.

GROOMING STANDARDS - Grooming is very important for the first impression of a client. We are in the image business. Our clients CARE HOW THINGS LOOK, who else would pay hundreds of dollars to have their properties cleaned? People need to feel very comfortable with the people they invite to their home. If you make a good first impression, the homeowner will not be suspicious of you or your work.

1. For safety purposes we only permit one smooth faced ring as jewelry. Unfortunately, necklaces, piercings and other body jewelry are not allowed.

2. No vulgar or offensive tattoos that can be seen with a short sleeve polo or shorts. Tattoos are okay, just not vulgar or offensive ones.

3. Clean. We work a physical job. Shower every day. Clean hair and Deodorant.

4. Beards must be trimmed and maintained. They can be long, but maintained.

TOBACCO: No tobacco on clients property or in company vehicles.

DRUG TESTING: You must not use illegal drugs, including marijuana, and understand drug testing is a part of the application process and at various times during my employment if I am hired.

NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT Due to the investment in training and the competitive nature of our industry, on orientation day you will be asked to sign a Non-Compete and Confidentiality Agreement. This states that you will not start your own pressure washing business, work for another pressure washing company, or sell accounts for another pressure washing company, etc. in the areas that we work in, during the time you are employed by us and for a period of 5 years afterward.

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